Here's how you can spread the word:

Send those emails! 

Once you’ve registered, email friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, asking them to join you and to make a donation. Tell them why this event is so important to you, and it will probably become important to them too. Here’s an UNRWA article if you want to give them the basics about how psychological trauma affects children in Gaza.

Here's what you could write:

Dear [Insert name],

On [insert date], I'll be moving for mental health at the Gaza 5K walk/run in [insert city]. All proceeds will provide counseling to Palestine refugee children in the Gaza Strip suffering from PTSD and other psychological trauma. It's going to be a really meaningful event, and I would love for you to join me! You can join my team by registering here [insert hyperlink].

If you can't run/walk with me, you can still take part by making a tax-deductible donation to my fundraising page [insert hyperlink]. Together, we can do more for the children of Gaza!

In solidarity,

[Insert name]

Get social

Your social media can be a powerful tool for fundraising. On Facebook you can reach your personal network, using Twitter you can reach the world. Follow us, like us, post and share:

Sample Facebook posts:

  • I registered for UNRWA USA's Gaza 5K walk/run benefiting the children of Gaza. Support my efforts by making a donation or joining my team! [Link to your page]

  • I registered for UNRWA USA's Gaza 5K walk/run in [city] on [date] benefiting the children of Gaza. Support my efforts by making a donation or joining my team! [Link to your page]

  • I’m committed to raising at least $500 dollars for the children of Gaza. Help me reach this goal by donating $10 to my fundraising page [Link to your fundraising page]. Every dollar counts!

Pick up the phone! 

Remember when you used to use your phone to make calls instead of compulsively checking Facebook? Pretend it’s 2001 and start calling friends and family to see if they’ll join you for a day of solidarity and fun! With a voice like yours, how could they say no?! If you really don't have time, a text message is a good plan B.

Get published!

Write an article for your local newspaper or favorite blog. Let your community know why the Gaza 5K is an important event! Be sure to email the link to so we can promote your article.

Read articles and blog posts written by past participants.

Hand out flyers! 

If you want to receive the gold star for most active Gaza 5K participant, hand out flyers and promotional cards to interested businesses, organizations, and social clubs!

If you’re interested in doing this, we’d be happy to send you promotional materials. Email us at

Here are some fundraising tips to help you reach your goal:

  1. Make the first donation to your page. Even if your donation is small, it lets your friends and family know that you’re serious about the cause!

  2. Personalize your fundraising page and emails to let people know why you’re running/walking in the Gaza 5K. If they know why you care, they’re more likely to care too! Need some inspiration? Click here for more information on UNRWA's psycho-social support program.

  3. Keep asking! Like running (or walking) a 5K, fundraising takes perseverance. Consistently send emails, share your fundraising page on social media, and tell friends and family about your goal. Your supporters are out there -- you just have to ask! You might need to send emails at least three times-- it can take a few reminders to get donations. If you need help with language, contact us.

  4. Use the hashtag: #Gaza5K. Your Facebook status is what everyone sees in their newsfeeds, so make it count. Post about your fundraising or training achievements two or three times a week, and make sure to always link to your fundraising page. If you can, include photos of you training!


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